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Individuals have many accomplishments and disappointments in life which make            an individual who they are. The high’s and low’s in everyones lives take a toll on them because not every high may seem like the greatest place to be but on the other hand low’s are a part of life because many individuals seize the opportunity to learn lessons from them to better themseleves for the future. However many individuals don’t not appreciate the important moments that take place in there life but rather dwell on the unpleasant moments which internally makes them dissatisfied with themselves. Personally in my life there have been many moments where I felt like I have let myself and other people down due to the decisions I have made. In my life I have experienced both the high’s and low’s which have made me into the person I am today also who I will be tomorrow.

People say life should not be lived for others peoples satisfaction only for yourself. Even though I’ve made some of the most greatest and worst decisions in life I still plan to keep my dreams and goals in my mind because one bad decision shouldn’t change your whole life path. Every person makes mistakes in life cause no one is perfect and it shouldn’t matter about how many mistakes you make but how many you have learned from. I have made some mistakes that my parents where not happy about but in the end I proved to them that I have learned not to do the same thing twice which was not the ideal thing to do. Cause in the end it all comes down to how you stood strong when you were at your lowest point also how you embraced your highest point because no one is going to know what you have been through to get to this point. In my life the high’s come from making my parents proud and happy which may be by showing them good marks or giving them gifts. As I see life going by I learned that the high’s are way better than the low’s and there is no point in thinking about the things you can’t change or think about the mistakes you have made in the past because you can’t do anything about it which takes away your happiness.

Life is only worth living for yourself not others. Individuals may have good or bad days in life but rather make the good days last because who wants to see the bad days in life. Even though life may seem a bit hectic at times just remember that someone in the world is also having a good and bad day like you so your not alone in this battle.

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